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Swivel Snaps

Swivel Snaps

$ 29.99

Swivel-Snaps doesn’t contain magnets!  Why is that important?  Because magnet based toys require a strict safety warning for children and pets.  Additionally, the unique Swivel-Snaps fastening technology is stronger than the magnet connection found in similar products.  For that reason Swivel-Snaps creations can grow to be much, much bigger.  Plus, they hold together when you move them, load them with goodies, spin them, or roll them around.

Swivel-Snaps is STEM and STEAM in action!

STEM = Science Technology Engineering Math
STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Art Math

Swivelers young and old can learn while having fun!

With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build countless animals and articulating joints!  (SCIENCE)
With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build in any direction (2D, 3D, or both)!  (TECHNOLOGY)
With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build towers/bridges/houses/marble runs/structures and cantilevers!  (ENGINEERING)  
With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build patterns based on color, shape, or both!  (ART)  
With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build the simplest geometric constructs (tetrahedrons, pyramids, cubes) or get advanced and build complex geometric solids  (cuboctahedrons, stella octangulas, triangular bipyramid augmentations)!  (MATH)

Learning complex concepts in a fun way has allowed parents to ‘watch Swivelers learn in real time’.  Swivel-Snaps make learning fun.

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